It’s all about me…

Welcome to by blog and my page all about me… I’m a mild-mannered lab rat by training; aspiring adventurer by choice. I’m more at home fighting Ebola than battling mountains but I will walk 640km across Jordan to raise money for @MSF_UK

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Why do I travel?

11146657_10155783008865065_2222716621898909516_n.jpgI became an accidental nomad in 2009 when I lost my home and most of what I owned but this meant in 2010 I could take the opportunity to work overseas as a laboratory scientist in a Burmese refugee clinic on the Thailand border, which lead me to work with MSF in Swaziland, Lebanon and Kyrgyzstan then WHO back in Swaziland and since with FIND in Tanzania, Western Africa and South Africa. Proving that travel writing isn’t the only career to allow you to visit the world!

When I’m not travelling for work I travel for fun. I love visiting new places, I can’t stay still. I am a passionate hiker and when I am “home” in Cape Town I spend weekends scrambling around the mountain. I most recently spent some time hiking in Mauritius Ethiopia, but Scotland is where my heart is.


Why start a blog?

I’m attempting a 640km solo hike across Jordan and I want to raise funds for MSF while doing it; to do that I need you to read about my adventure and support my cause and why would you do that if you don’t know me? So this is me and my blog.

Seriously why not do a cake bake?

As much as I love cake, I’m a nomad I don’t have a base with a close community to sell cakes or raffle tickets to. What I do best is travel so I need to use that to my advantage and do an adventure based challenge.

Will I spend donations on my luxury travel?

No, nope, No, every penny raised will go to MSF no money will be used to fund my personal trip. If i get any freebies, transport, meals, accommodation, on the way I’ll even add the savings into the pot myself.

Have I done anything like this before?

campI’ve always traveled solo, I hitched between villages from about 15, moved to the big city to go to Uni at 17 and moved over seas at 24 and have spent the last 6 years working overseas, so I’m good at the travelling alone part.

I have also hiked a number of trails both with a group and solo and have spent more than a few nights wild camping. I am confident I can carry food and water for the trip and follow a gps.

BUT… I have never done a big fundraiser like this before and I’ve never been active on social media other than complaining on twitter and this is what I find hardest.


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