About the Jordan Trail

The Jordan trail has recently been completed with the assistance of USAID and has a fabulous website detailing the entire trip including logistics and sightseeing along the way.

Where is it?

The Jordan trail is in Jordan! It starts in the north of the county in Um Qais, 110km away from the capital and airport in Amman. The trail runs though the length of the entire country passing many ruins, biblical sites, Eco-tourist spots and of course the world famous Petra before passing through some truly remote desert in the Wadi Rum region and ending with a well deserved dive into the Red Sea in the South.

Why hike the Jordan trail?

Jordan is a very safe country very welcoming of tourists but the trail is so new not many people have walked the entire route and I don’t know of anyone who has walked it solo so there is an element of challenge.

Jordan is also an fascinating country rich in history and biblical tales. I’m most looking forward to walking into Petra after walking almost 400km already. It’s this that caught my imagination when I first heard about the trail.

Is It safe?

Define safe? There is always a risk with hiking that you can be injured or become lost every hiker accepts this and acts to mitigate it by carrying appropriate equipment, having emergency numbers, back up navigation systems and a good knowledge of first aid and plans B through Z!

despite being bordered by Syria and hosting many of the 100,000’s of refugees Jordan is considered a very safe country in general and lots has been written about the hospitality experienced. It is a must see destination of 2017 and is running a strong tourism campaign to win back nervous visitors.

How challenging is the hiking

I expect it to hurt some days! A number of days are going to be physically challenging, which is why I’ve started training already. Mostly running and strengthening exercises as well physio to work on my knees and ankles.

I’ve Never completed a walk of such a length, my longest walk was 250km across the highlands of Scotland and over a 100km at altitude in Kyrgyzstan so I’m looking forward to the unique challenges of the Jordan trail.

How will you find your way?

The trail isn’t marked for the full length and there aren’t maps which show it available so this will be my first trek done fully using GPS. I’ll be caring a spare and lots of batteries so I don’t end up lost in the desert!

What about food and water?

Water is my biggest worry especially in the two sections after Petra where there it is more remote. I’m planning on setting out water drops before I head out into these sections.

And I am looking forward to the Jordanian food I have heard so much about. I love middle eastern food and hospitality, after Petra this is most exciting to me.

Where will you stay?

I plan to camp as much as possible. I love a good wild camp just me and the sky. *mental note to google “Jordan and snakes”. Every few days I’ll find a guesthouse so I can have a proper shower do some washing and other basics.

I’m planning to stay a few nights in Petra so I can explore properly and not miss anything as well as set up water drops and have some home cooked meals.

How long will it take

I hope to take from 30-40 days to complete the walk, but I’m not going to sprint, I want to savor the experience but i do have to get back to work!

What next?

A hot shower and a good cup of tea!


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