10 things I love about MSF – number 3

This is a series of posts “10 things I love about MSF” why I am supporting them and why I think you should too although they are in no particular order…

The third reason I am supporting MSF is because MSF isn’t a one show pony; they don’t specialize in one kind of disease or only emergency response. MSF is a one stop shop for all medical related crisis.

MSF are first responders during emergencies such as the Nepalese earthquake, the West African Ebola outbreak and the Haitian hurricane.

But they also work in over 65 countries around the world supporting medical care as diverse as mental health of child refugees, TB and HIV programs, fistula surgeries and sexual and gender based violence. You can read more about what issues MSF respond to here

In addition to all this MSF still finds time to stand up for what they believe in and advocate for affordable medicines and better policies which would save lives.

finally as if that isn’t enough, MSF conducts research on the challenges of delivering medical humanitarian assistance to people affected by conflict, natural disasters and lack of access to healthcare.

When you support MSF you are supporting diverse and essential care to people who need it most.


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