Ten things I love about MSF – number 4

This is a series of posts “10 things I love about MSF” why I am supporting them and why I think you should too although they are in no particular order…

MSF involves a lot of people, they are not just about Doctors and nurses but MSF recruit people who have the skills to do the job that could be anything from logistics, finance, admin, epidemiologists, researchers, advocacy specialists, fundraisers, boat captains, midwives and lab rats (laboratory technologists) and that is just the international staff.

What you probably don’t know, is MSF support the community where they work by providing local jobs with good wages. They employ drivers, cleaners, cooks, nurses, doctors, logistics, admin, finance, midwives, and lab rats this helps MSF integrate into the community and environment as an employer, an asset to the area. This is vital in areas where safety can be an issue, if the community accepts you then you could be warned if you become a target or avoid becoming a target completely.

It also builds better sustainable systems as MSF invests in training and infrastructure especially in projects where MSF stays for decades MSF leaves behind tangible improvements which can continue to save lives long after they have left which is bonus impact for funding.

In 2 of the projects I worked in I trained the laboratory staff and someone to manage the laboratory so they could run the MSF laboratory without an international position. One of those lab managers has gone on to be employed by another NGO as international staff to  support laboratories around Africa. Helping to empower these strong women is a humbling side effect of working with MSF and one of the achievements i most value

Help me support MSF by donating here.


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