People and the trail

So far I’ve talked a big talk about the trail, I have all the maps and read as much as I can find, but nothing is a substitute for local knowledge. Thankfully the folks who are supporting the trail development are super friendly. I’ve also managed to contact some of the walkers who have already completed the trek who are some of the most friendly and helpful internet people I’ve ever reached out to.

One of the amazing ladies I’m in touch with has even sent me trail notes from her trip, which is what I will be pouring over this weekend to find good wild camping tips and where to get the best hot shower and dinner when I need to charge my electronics and wash some clothes.

If you want to read more about the walk from someone who has completed it you can visit Susans just giving page as she raised funds for War Child and donate to help her hit 50% of her goal, I’m humbled by her efforts and for an amazing cause….. but if you have remaining cash please don’t forget to support me supporting MSF!


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