Zimbabwe, flying vs walking Victoria Falls

When heading to Zimbabwe should you walk of fly the falls?

My mum and I went to Zimbabwe as part of a 10 day overland safari from Namibia to Victoria Falls as my gift for her 70th birthday! Yes I might have inherited the travel bug from my mum.

Visiting the falls was eye opening, there is nothing which had prepared me for the size and geography of Victoria Falls. I hadn’t realised the dramatic difference as the water left the high flat planes to fall into a mighty gorge while all around it the land remained flat as the water makes use of a fault line. I had seen pictures and nature shows, but still nothing in my head had put together what it would actually look like.

Vic falls Rainbow from Zim

Day 1 in Vic falls, we went to the falls in the evening, when we had view points to ourselves and were able to see the sun setting, although we did have to run for the gate after that.

Getting wet was all part of the fun, we experienced a full on rain deluge level of soaking, which meant not many pictures were taken, but was all the better to commit all the senses to soaking up the experience.

Day 2, we chose activities, there is plenty to do to fulfill the adrenaline junkies dream but I couldn’t persuade my mum to do a bungee jump, so we took to the skies.


I’m glad we did, even walking over a km to all the view points hadn’t impressed the size, depth and geography into my brain.

Walking vs flying:


  • It’s much cheaper to walk
  • You are immersed in the experience – the sounds, the rain
  • A guide will point out the interesting parts and tell you some of the history
  • Can take your own time, as long as the park isn’t closing


  • unrivaled views of all of the falls
  • Can put into perspective the unusual geography
  • Extra thrill of helicopter ride


If you have the cash, do both, how often will you be in such a magnificent place. You can even try micro-lighting if helicopters are too tame! Either way do not leave without a visit to the falls there is a reason it’s one of the wonders of the world.


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