Ten things I love about MSF – Number 5

This is a series of posts “10 things I love about MSF” why I am supporting them and why I think you should too although they are in no particular order…

“MSF work to help the people in greatest need, wherever they are. Our medics carry out more than eight million patient consultations a year and our medical activities run from basic vaccination campaigns to complex surgery.”

I love that MSF support a diverse variety of diseases, your money doesn’t only go to a specific disease but can be used for conditions as diverse as Fistula surgeries,  MalariaEbolaMental healthHIV/AIDS services, MalnutritionSexual and gender based violence. MSF respond to outbreaks and emergencies but also work on long term projects advocating for change and affordable medications and try to challenge stigma in communities.

Many of these diseases are neglected or underfunded and others, such as non-communicable diseases (heart conditions, diabetes…)  do not often feature in emergency response, but imagine being forced to flee your home, you take your medication but where do you get your next refill? Terrifying you escape the bombs but for how long. MSF can often help support patients with chronic illness or pregnancy or a number of other health issues.

I hope to blog about some specific diseases and why MSF play a vital role at a later date.



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