Ten things I love about MSF – number 6

This is a series of posts “10 things I love about MSF” why I am supporting them and why I think you should too although they are in no particular order…

I love that the MSF staff are diverse and come from every background and nation.

I have worked with a 25 year old Colombian nurse who previously wanted to become a nun, 68 year old Australian logistican who ran up mountains every evening, An Iraqi doctor who told stories about his atheism in Iraq, an old French lady who wore white high heels to walk across muddy fields to the laboratory and still arrived spotless as well as dozens of others from Kenya, New Zealand, Peru, UK, Georgia, USA, Kyrgyzstan….

In the first year everyone gets paid about the same, doctors, lab, finance all earn the same, after all this is a calling, a volunteer position but MSF ensures while on mission your medical insurance, housing and daily needs are met so you can concentrate on doing your job which you might be doing 7 days a week with very little time of or could be a more relaxed 5 day duty roster depending on the situation. There are people who work for years with MSF, there is a community and support and level of reward not often found in regular jobs.

The people make MSF tjhe great organisation it is, and without donations to support the project staff their work is impossible. We need these people who give up their lives to work in harsh stressful conditions to continue to help those most in need where it is needed most.



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