Ethiopia Hiking trip

So excited to have a holiday training trek in the mountains of Ethiopia. Although the trek will be guided I will be carrying my own gear, at least 3/4 of what I will need to carry in Jordan. The daily hiking should be fairly short as I will need to acclimatize to as Ethiopia is surprisingly altitudinal. This is a sight seeing tour not a route march, I wont even have to prepare my own food in the evenings. It will be great to get outside and sleeping in my tent again.

23 Dec: meet at Gondar and drive to Simien mountains national park same day for camping at the Sankabir camp site, 3,250m above sea level

24 Dec: Trek from Sankabir to Geech camp site, around 12km. The village is around a km from the camp site and might be offered traditional coffee ceremony.

25 Dec: Day three is a day hike so no bags to haul around, walk to Mount Imetgogo (3926m), Seha and Kedadit view points and return back to Geech campsite

26 Dec: Trek from Geech to Chenek campsite a distance of around 15km, near Chenek (3620m) A large troop of Gelada baboons are common and Walia Ibex are also often seen on the rocky escarpment edges over night here camping

27 Dec: Trek from Chenek to Ambiko campsite with a tough 3-hour ascent to the top of the Bwhait pass (4,200m), the second highest point in the park offering magnificent views of Bwhait peak, Berochwuha, Silki and the Lori village

28 Dec: Another 2 nighter at the camp site to allow for the trek from Ambiko campsite to the top of mount Raa Dashen (4,553m) and return back to Ambiko campsite. This is one of the days I’m nervous and excited about.

29 Dec: Trek from Ambiko 9 hours down into the Meseha river and up to the Arkwazye villageto Sona campsite

30 Dec: Trek from Sona to Mekarebya campsite 5-6 hours

31 Dec: Trek from Mekarebya to Mulet campsite 5-6 hours and heading down to the lowest point on the trip

1 Jan: Drive back to Gondar before flying back to Addis and Home

Moderatly concerned by the altitude, this is only my second trek this high, although that had much more km per day, and 5 high passes so I hope I’ll be ok if we take it easy.

Photo from flickr @shaylib CC


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