Quick update from Gondar

I arrived in Ethiopia after a fantastic smooth flight with decent food and entertainment with Ethiopian airlines but having a 9 hour stop over.

No worries  http://www.sleepinginairports.net/africa/addisababa-airport.htm told me everything I need to know. I didn’t get out of immigration until midnight and had to be back at the airport at 530am for next flight so I trundled over to terminal 1 domestic to get some sleep.

Problem…. The immigration wouldn’t let me in. I have a boarding pass, no later to drop and I’m flying internally so I don’t understand the reason. Air Ethiopia staff are again helpful and by 2am have got me past immigration. I have no idea why 2am is OK and 12 midnight not OK. But the lounge is empty apart from a few sleeping security and cleaners.

I pick my spot and sleep until folks start arriving around 5am when I get breakfast from the lounge thanks to the crazy points I picked up this year.

I arrive at Gondar, but my luggage doesn’t. They don’t know where it is and it isn’t in the system. Spend all day tired, and stressed and no sign of luggage.

My poor guide goes above and beyond above and beyond. He and the driver make sure I’m fed, take me around the sights of town and worry along side me and help with communication with the airline. Everything  is easier with allies.

So as of now I’m not on a hike. My bags should arrive this morning, so let’s see…


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