Ten things I love about MSF – number 8

This is a series of posts “10 things I love about MSF” why I am supporting them and why I think you should too although they are in no particular order…

I love MSF emergency response. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes can overwhelm an entire population. Thousands of people can be injured or traumatised by the loss of family, friends and homes. is pretty much unrivaled. After the Haiti earth quake MSF started treating patients within minutes and scaled up by recruiting thousands of new staff, and in 10 months treated 350,000 patients.

But MSF support goes further than medical aid, they have a Water and Sanitation team who are early respondents in disasters to help ensure the survivors remain healthy due to access to clean water.

MSF can respond this rapidly due to dedicated staff who are always on standby but also thanks to private donations, from people like you and me. Having this direct funding means they can respond to the need rapidly without the need to start fundraising or lobbying governments.

When a disaster strikes, MSF can send pre-packed supply kits such as inflatable surgeries and equipment kits to the sites and start scaling up in days as urgent medical care can’t wait.


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