My travel year in review

Wow, well what a year. This has probably been the busiest I have been in terms of travel it has been crazy

Icelandic Northern lights, what a way to welcome 2016!!

I started the year in Iceland watching the northern lights at midnight new years eve! then hit the UK before back to Africa.


Swaziland and round one of West Africa, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

Back to the UK for a wedding in Feb



Victoria Falls

First 2016 visit to Tanzania followed by another UK jaunt and a new round of West Africa with Ghana thrown in for fun and home to South Africa for around 10 minutes!

Then In July I had a non work trip with my Mum for her 70th birthday! Yes I might have inherited something from her as we went to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

I even forget where I was in between! definitely South Africa and probably Tanzania.



Kayaking and selfies don’t mix!


Mauritius was next for a quick wee 6 day micro adventure, really have to go back. Mauritius wins most surprising country of the year, so much to do and see and safe to do it solo.

Then round three of the West African Odyssey, without Guinea and with Tanzania thrown again into the mix for extra mileage

For my birthday in October a friend and I drove up the garden route in South Africa before I took of in November for a visit to Geneva a weekend in Turkey and a final complete West Africa round trip

December saw me heading to Sweden home to South Africa and Ethiopia, where I am right now to end the year!

Swimming at Chobe

That’s 30 countries 15 unique and 5 new in the one year while working on Ebola and TB no wonder I feel as if my feet haven’t touched the ground. I’m blogging some of the most memorable moments including Rolling over for Chobe and Zimbabwe, flying vs walking Victoria FallsMemorable moments 2016….

Here is to an amazing 2017, safe travels!


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