Maybe Mistakes were made series: 2

I left Scotland in 2005 but I’ve really only been travelling since 2009 when I got my first volunteer job in the Mae Tao clinic on the Thai Burma border and although I am still here to tell the tales there have been a couple of times I had to wonder what on earth I was doing and how I had gotten myself into this!

Worst food poisoning ever in Kyrgyzstan

Never ever eat meat in the day during Ramadan, I should have known this but a couple of locals took me for lunch so I thought it would be fine. Nope, A few hours later having arrived at my destination in the mountains I was wracked with pain and the worst kind of diarrhea and the shared bathroom was a squat pit toilet in the garden. By the end of the evening I was too weak to make the trips in and out from the house to the toilet so I was slumped outside freezing, but with fever when the owner found me, draped me in blankets and generally tried to make sure I wasn’t about to die. She only spoke Uzbek and I don’t.

In the morning I was still wishing to die when a delegation from the village arrived to try to work out what was wrong with me through various translations, English to Russian to Kyrgyse and Uzbek! I was given some out of date antibiotics and some tea made with herbal plants from the garden and left alone again. I recovered slowly, and ventured into the village only to be greeted by lots of smiles and waves and pantomimed “you are the sick girl we are happy you are better” I was mortified, clearly my stomach issues were the talk of the town!


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