Maybe Mistakes were Made series :3

I left Scotland in 2005 but I’ve really only been travelling since 2009 when I got my first volunteer job in the Mae Tao clinic on the Thai Burma border and although I am still here to tell the tales there have been a couple of times I had to wonder what on earth I was doing and how I had gotten myself into this!

Skydiving with Dengue

In my defense I hadn’t jumped in a while….. All the foreigners in Mae Sot were coming down with Dengue fever “a debilitating viral disease of the tropics, causing sudden fever and acute pains in the joints.” it is as good as it sounds. As I got on the 11 hour night bus I knew I was in trouble, but I thought maybe I had eaten something bad but I was going to go jump out of planes and nothing could stop me. So I went and did about 8 jumps in the weekend. Everything hurt, I slept on the floor of the packing room between jumps and tried to look bright and sensible whenever a load was going up and ignore what was becoming obvious… I was coming down with Dengue.

By the Monday I was a mess, but I had a training in Bangkok where everyone knew I had been skydiving all weekend I couldn’t call in sick. So I suffered through the morning sessions rocking and wrapped in warm layers despite the wicked heat and not learning anything only to sleep 16 hours, barely eating except when an amazing friend brought me food and forced me. For 3 weeks I felt hellish and weak and miserable. But dam it I still loved every dam jump!



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