Simien mountains wildlife

I have wanted to go to the Simien Mountains since I saw a documentary with the grazing Gelda baboons when I was around 20. I don’t know why the image of a herd grazing on the grasses stuck with me so vividly but I knew I had to see it for myself. Gelda’s are only found in Ethiopia.


You can get really close to these placid baboons and they aren’t nearly as scary as their cousins. They form giant groups which migrate daily from the cliffs to the river and back again eating all along the way. Totally worth it.

Thick Billed Ravens are very common, and if you don’t be vigilant they will go through your bags looking for food, and steal any food if you turn around.



And may huge harks, bearded vultures, eagles and Lammergayer… none of which I managed to get a shot of. But you saw them frequently cruising the thermals along the cliffs scanning the grasslands for rats.

I enjoyed just lying back and watching the aerial show.


The wild Ibex are becoming more common, I saw more in the distance with huge hooped horns, they seem to move in mating pairs.

I also saw, but failed to photograph, Ethiopian wolves, Jackals, Klipspinger, Bushbuck and vervet monkeys and there are 100’s of bird species to see so if you like wildlife this is definitely a must go location.


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