Jordan trail food planning – Part 2

I’m walking 640km across Jordan, and the days are counting down remarkably fast. The point of the trek is not only to challenge myself but to raise funds for @MSF_UK as I’ve written about extensively, start at number one and work on through to ten. If you believe in MSF’s work around the world or simply like my blog please head over to my just giving page and donate a few Pounds, Euro, Shillings or dollars to the cause.

I’ve already posted my general menu for each day on the trail in part one, but it’s not quiet as simple as buy 30* menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Jordan trail runs through a number of villages and towns so there are days I can eat in town. I’ll be staying in home stays, hotels and eco-lodges some nights so I can enjoy Jordanian breakfasts some days. So the question is how many days do I need to carry food and which meals do I need to carry?

Firstly I need to know what my route plan actually is, where will I be aiming to walk to each day, what villages do I pass and where will I be staying and do I need to pack food for the day?

Example rote plan.JPG
Example schedule, complete with formula because I am a nerd

So you can see my estimated schedule, how many km each day and if I think food and if water is available.

I used this to generate a daily menu plan complete with estimated weights

Example days.JPG
Weights based on predicted values not actual, and yes there are formula

Then I use this to create my shopping list


This still has to be refined to work out which camp meal flavors I want to take along and also to see what is possible to pick up locally and how much fresh fruits and veggies can be added in. I really want to make the most of and enjoy Jordanian food and carry the least possible.


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