Fundraising update

This week saw donation pass the £3000 mark! This is amazing a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated, shared and given advice on the project so far.

This last week has seen some other major milestones –

  • First media article, in the Scotsman no less. Which generated a couple of donations.
  • MSF media support, helping to generate additional reports and who are retweeting etc.

MSF tweet.JPG

  • Official support from the @TheJordanTrail which is awesome and means I get help to work out logistics and make sure I don’t miss something critical! I love these guys already!
  • my mum’s first blog went live and got more hits than I ever do!
  • Possible help with trail food…. but to be confirmed so I wont let the cat out the bag yet…

Thanks as always to everyone who has donated or shared or bugged their friends and family to contribute, lets get to 50% of the goal together!

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