Jordan trail, stage 3 – Karak to Petra

 I’m walking 640km across Jordan, and the days are counting down remarkably fast. The point of the trek is not only to challenge myself but to raise funds for @MSF_UK as I’ve written about extensively, start at number one and work on through to ten. If you believe in MSF’s work around the world or simply like my blog please head over to my just giving page and donate a few Pounds, Euro, Shillings or dollars to the cause.

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Karak to Petra 165km 6days (AVG 27km/pd)

Day Start End KM
Karak to Petra 13 Karak Wadi hasa 32
14 Wadi hasa Ma atan 36
15 Ma atan Dana 15
16 Dana Wadi Malaga 23.5
17 Wadi Malaga Little Petra 36
18 Little Petra Petra 23
You can find details of Um Qais to Fuhuis and Fuhuis to Karak earlier in my blog as well as accommodation options for the stages 1 and 2.

The first stages out of Karak on the trail website are all quite short, so I’m hoping to combine the first 3 days into two. The total is around 67km so splitting into 32/36km days. I don’t imagine it will be easy with a few steep sections and a couple of long hills. ROute planning is made trickier as the new GPS files now don’t match the website as some camps have been changed and I’m planning a third option. For now I’m looking at an over night either as per latest gpx files at Tur Taboun or another 5km at Wadi Hasa. That will take me near the town of Ais to restock and on awards to Maatan.


To compensate for 2 long hard days I’ll plan couple of short days enjoy the Dana nature reserve and surrounds which include roman copper mines and fantastic scenery and wildlife in the Dana Biosphere reserve. On day 3 the trail basically climbs slowly for 10km before descending the next day around 1000m into the reserve. Dana itself has several accommodation options and 13km further on is the Freynan lodge for those wanting a longer stage or alternative options as wild camping is forbidden in the reserve itself. I’ll probably throw down a bivvy at the suggested Wadi Malaqa near the opposite mountains.


Waking up there will be another big climb around 750m over 5km towards Ras Al Feid and another 4oom climb and some rough looking terrain before Little Petra 36km away. the good news is there are plenty of places to set up for the night if it all gets a bit much with several Bedouin camps also along the route.

Map from the Jordan Trail

Somehow from here I have to purchase tickets for Petra, as there is no ticket sales from the Northern side. Still looking into the logistics if I have to go into Wadi Musa or can arrange with one of the camps. But when I manage to get a ticket I will be able to complete the stage I am most looking forward to, walking into Petra. Petra has to be the most famous location in Jordan and people know it even if they don’t know it is in Jordan thanks to Indiana Jones. So a walk into Petra and a stroll to Wadi Musa where there is a plethora of accommodation with how showers and restaurants with traditional foods.

I’m planning to dump my bags for a day and just explore to get some of those majestic tourist shops and a second day to restock, arrange water drops for the final stage and generally enjoy the place I’ve spent over 400km walking to get to!

*gpx files available on the Jordan trail website, which has the official route details including detailed walking notes. Updated files, advice can be obtained from the fantastic trail team.

** additional notes and tracks can be downloaded from the Abraham path website

*** Map images from GPS track editor


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