Jordan Trail stage 4 – Petra to Red Sea

I’m walking 640km across Jordan, and the days are counting down remarkably fast. The point of the trek is not only to challenge myself but to raise funds for @MSF_UK as I’ve written about extensively, start at number one and work on through to ten. If you believe in MSF’s work around the world or simply like my blog please head over to my just giving page and donate a few Pounds, Euro, Shillings or dollars to the cause.

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Before reading this, catch up on stages 1,2 and 3 or check out accommodation on the trail stages 1, 2, and 3,

Wadi Musa to The Red Sea – 172km (avg 25km per day)

You can tell how remote this is going to be by the lack of information I can find about the route! The majority is wild camping along the way with probable daily access to water. But in the heat of April I expect to have to carry a lot more water than usual especially with the camping also being dry, so If I want to cook and eat I also need to carry that water with me. Washing might be a luxury so that final dive into the Red sea a necessity after over a week hiking in the desert!

I guess this silent mysterious section is the one which will be most interesting, surprising and rewarding because it scares me most and I know so little in advance.

Day Start End KM
Petra to Red Sea 21 Petra Wadi al Saif 32
22 Wadi al Saif Wadi ain Ahemia 26
23 Wadi ain Ahemia Humemia near road 26
24 Humemia near road Shakyria village 35
25 Shakyria village Wadi Waraqa 33
26 Wadi Waraqa Final camp 25
27  Final camp Red sea 18
28 Red Sea Amman Car!

previous sections: Stage one, two, three with accommodations one, two, three

The stage really starts from Wadi Musa, the town on the edge of Petra and this will be the toughest, longest most remote stage of the walk, but hopefully the most rewarding as it goes through a series of canyons and the iconic Wadi Rum area.

Wadi Musa to Wadi al Saif

These are all very boring maps as they are basically in the middle of nowhere, which shows how remote it is getting. The first chunk of change wanders out of Petra and into the desert canyons. There are at least 2 routes to choose from, but the official trail now takes the more interesting canyons via Gaa Mriebed to Wadi al Seif.

Around 10km in there is an amphitheater, but it looks to be slightly of route up a hill, so will have to how energetic I’m feeling at the time. Gaa Mriebed is near to a road so should be possible to have a water drop if needed to here.

Wadi Al Seif to Wadi Ain Ahema

Most of this section is also on the “new” route of the trail with several wild camping spots along the way, winding through some spectacular scenery without too much climbing to be done.

Wadi Ain Ahema to Humiena 26km

Final day on the new section following Wadi Ain Ahema heading towards Humiena ruins and the highway.

Huminena to Shakyria village

Some long straight sections which even on the map make me question my sanity, no more canyons to distract from the long distances, just desert plodding, all be it with excellent views of the mountains. I’m sure it will have it’s own beauty when I’m there. and there is a village to look forward to with a secure water source.


Continuing on, the trail dodges through some interesting pathways all the way to Rum village, passing through the information center. I’ve heard so much about the Wadi Rum area, including stories of scams and drama that I’m excited to see it for myself. Many people come out here to experience a true night in the remote desert. I’ll certainly be getting that experience, but I don’t have a feeling of how much I will miss by being on foot and not taking a tour.

I’ll probably pass on through Wadi Rum, after refueling and picking up more water and head to Wadi Waraqa


From Waraqa there is only one more night under the stars at the final Camp


And today is the day it ends, walking into the Red Sea. I’m hoping my pack will be light and the trail wont have any nasty surprises left as I complete my trek.

*gpx files available on the Jordan trail website, which has the official route details including detailed walking notes. Updated files, advice can be obtained from the fantastic trail team.

** additional notes and tracks can be downloaded from the Abraham path website

*** Map images from GPS track editor


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