2 sleeps remaning

I haven’t blogged for a while because I’ve been travelling for work and been hectic trying to fit in fitness, work and planning into each day.You haven’t missed much, only a trip to Myanmar and Malawi which were very productive, but i failed to train very much and did very little planning! I have 2 … More 2 sleeps remaning

Fundraising update

This week saw donation pass the £3000 mark! This is amazing a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated, shared and given advice on the project so far. This last week has seen some other major milestones – First media article, in the Scotsman no less. Which generated a couple of donations. MSF media … More Fundraising update

Trip review – Simien mountains Ethiopia

Hiking in Africa is in it’s infancy compared to some countries. It’s not that there aren’t magnificent places to walk, but compared lack of maps, local knowledge and complicated logistics can mean they get over looked. So I’m happy to have experienced one of Africa’s world renowned trekking locations, the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia. The mountains … More Trip review – Simien mountains Ethiopia