Sitting down with Sophie

I’m sure that trekking Jordan will be a amazing experience (I wish I could join her!) and it’s wonderful that she’s taking advantage of the trip to also raise money and support for the work of MSF. … More Sitting down with Sophie


Water Gear

Water gear – how to over pack for not dying in the desert – hopefully … More Water Gear

Cooking gear

I’m walking 640km across Jordan, and the days are counting down remarkably fast. The point of the trek is not only to challenge myself but to raise funds for @MSF_UK as I’ve written about extensively, start at number one and work on through to ten. If you believe in MSF’s work around the world or … More Cooking gear

Fundraising update

This week saw donation pass the £3000 mark! This is amazing a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated, shared and given advice on the project so far. This last week has seen some other major milestones – First media article, in the Scotsman no less. Which generated a couple of donations. MSF media … More Fundraising update